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Welcome to JulieFain.com! Here you will find the artist's vibrant, silhouette creations.
Indulge the fantasy within with her beautiful fantasy inspired art & gifts! 

Recently added

Cries of the Night Matted Clearance-
Cries of the Night Matted Clearance
Notecard Set 2 Clearance-
Notecard Set 2 Clearance
Indigo Fairy Print Clearance-
Indigo Fairy Print Clearance
Notecard set 1 Clearance-
Notecard set 1 Clearance
Castle Guardian Keychain Clearance-
Castle Guardian Keychain Clearance
Wolves Peack Print Clearance-
Wolves Peack Print Clearance
Sorrow Print Clearance-
Sorrow Print Clearance
Moonlight Kiss Print Clearance-
Moonlight Kiss Print Clearance
Existence Print Clearance-
Existence Print Clearance
Little Miracle Print Clearance-
Little Miracle Print Clearance
Make a Wish Print Clearance-
Make a Wish Print Clearance
Butterfly Keeper Print Clearance-
Butterfly Keeper Print Clearance
Believe Print Clearance-
Believe Print Clearance
Dragon Myst Print Clearance-
Dragon Myst Print Clearance
Forbidden Love Print Clearance-
Forbidden Love Print Clearance

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