Julie Fain Art: silhouette art, mermaid art, fairy art, faery art, dragon art, goddess art, unicorns ~ Silhouette Art, Mermaid Art, Dragon Art, Goddess Art, Unicorn Art by Julie Fain

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F.A.Q's/Image Usage

F.A.Q's/Image Usage

Have a question? Check out the FAQ's  below and if your question isn't answered feel free contact me .

Do you ship international to UK, South Africa, etc.. TOP

Yes of course! It's only $5. When checking out just choose "International" for the shipping.

How do you ship your items? TOP
For 1 necklace to the USA I ship USPS First Class Mail. For 4 + Necklaces I ship them USPS Priority.

Can I use your artwork as the cover of my new Book?
Yes! Please contact me for pricing information.

Can I use your art for graphics for my msn groups? TOP
Yes you can! Just please place this text on each image:

Can I use your art to make websets/templates? TOP
Yes! As long as you do not sell them. Just please have my link placed somewhere on the web sets page.

Can I use your artwork for Tags/Signatures? TOP
Yes you can! Just please place this text on each image:

Can I share your artwork on my website? TOP
Yes! Please link back to my web site at:

Do you sell wholesale? TOP
Yes! Visit this web site for prints and necklaces: www.fantasysilhouettes.com

Can I make a Youtube Video displaying your artwork? TOP
Yes! Of course! If you could share my link in the description I would appreciate it. www.juliefain.com

All artwork & content copyright Julie Fain
No unauthorized usage of artwork is permitted.
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